Where does it all go on and how do you get there? Let’s walk you through it…

The Civil Wedding

12pm, September 22nd 2012

The town hall of the 10th district is very distinct and different to those buildings around it.

It’s only 10 minutes walk from the Pompidou centre and 5 minutes from the border with the 3rd district.

Address: 72 Rue Faubourg Saint Martin, 75010 Paris

Metros: Chateau d’Eau, Strasbourg Saint Denis



Head to the town hall for 11.45am at the latest to be ready to bust one inside by midday. It’ll be awkward for you if you are late! Leave yourself plenty of time to arrive.

Tip: if you arrive at metro Chateau d’Eau, you may be confused. You’ll see lots of African hairdressers and there is no way of knowing which way to go. Your destination is only 1 minute away. Head down Rue Chateau d’Eau with the Kanterbraü bar on your right side and you’ll see La Mairie (town hall) in no time.

The Reception

7pm, September 22nd 2012

Bateau Boréas will be docked at Quai Saint Bernand waiting for you at 7pm.

Do not be late! The boat may decide to leave on an adventure at 8.30pm with everybody in it.

Address: Quai Saint Bernard, 75005 Paris

Metros: Jussieu, Gare d’Austerlitz, Quai de la Rapée, Sully Morland

The evening reception will go on until 4am. If you can walk home, then it’s advisable to do so. Take off your high heels and put on those flat shoes you put in your bag.



If you need a taxi we have numbers to call as flagging one down in the street on a Saturday is not always easy. But it’s better to have the freedom to stroll back.

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