The Event

The Day Of The Event

Date: September 22nd, 2012

How It Goes

The day allows you plenty of freedom in the afternoon.

As is Sikh Tradition. A religious ceremony will be held Saturday morning.
Everyone is invited to attend the Anand Karaj Ceremony @8am (lasts 3 hours)
Where : Gurdwara Singh Sabha 1618 Rue De La Ferme, 93000 Bobigny, France
Metro: Bobigny Picasso, Ligne 5

There is a civil wedding at midday and a wedding party  starting in the evening through to the early hours.

In France, those who wish to marry must register their act at the town hall which is an event lasting 20-30 minutes, often taking place in the morning or at midday. Ours is the last wedding of the day at the town hall before the employees close up and head off for a long, slow lunch.

Following our civil wedding there will be a celebratory drink or two (known as the vin d’honneur) and then, as there is nothing else until 7pm, you are free to have a long, French lunch following by a walk, a siesta or a catch up with friends.

The day will go more or less as follows:


Sikh Ceremony at the temple


Assemble at the town hall of the 10th district in Paris (address is here).


We are ushered upstairs by the mayor’s assistant and legally married in front of you all. This is where our legal witnesses come in useful.


Time for a drink, as if we didn’t already have a few straighteners to calm the nerves. A glass of champagne very nearby to celebrate our legal marriage.


Time you go to have lunch, walk around and then go back to your hotel or apartment for a sleep.

We recommend an afternoon nap of 2 hours ideally, so you’re in top form for the evening. Make sure you are.


Give yourself time to arrive at Quai Saint Bernard by 7pm. Paris is small but still, you’ll be wearing your finest attire, so don’t sweat it. Take a taxi or go easy, but arrive at the boat for the cocktail on time. Please.


After a cocktail and a few pics together, it’s time to eat. What you thought you’d keep on drinking? Only if there’s food.

The boat leaves the dock at this time. If you are late then you’ll miss it, until it gets back in 3 hours.


Dance time.

Have as much fun as you possibly can, let yourself go and keep going until the end. You’ll see it’ll be worth it. And this boat isn’t letting you off easily anyway.

La Journée De L’événement

Date: 22 Septembre, 2012

Comment Ça Se Passe

Vous avez pas mal de temps libre entre le mariage civil et la cérémonie du soir.

La journée se déroulera plus ou moins comme ceci:


On s’assemble devant la mairie en attendant l’arrivée de tout le monde.


On rentre dans la mairie et on est légalement mariés devant vous tous. Voilà nos témoins qui nous “témoignent” que c’est vrai, on se marie et tout.


C’est le moment de prendre un petit verre, même si nous on en aurait déjà pris pour calmer les nerfs un peu. Une petite coupe de champagne pour fêter notre mariage.


Maintenant vous pouvez partir manger, vous balader et surtout faire une sieste. Reposez-vous bien parce qu’on souhaite que vous soyez en bonne forme le soir même.


Arrivée sur le Bateau Boréas à Quai Saint Bernard pour 19h. Essayez d’y arriver à l’heure puisqu’on prendra quelques photos.


Après un cocktail et quelques photos c’est l’heure magique en France – à table! Il faut manger si on va picoler non?


On fait la teuf.

Amusez-vous bien, lâchez-vous un peu, c’est pas tous les jours que les gens se marient et continuez jusqu’à la fin.

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