Here are a few answers to the questions you may have.

Where Do I Stay?

Both the civil wedding and the ceremony are in central Paris although are not next to each other. It would take around 40 minutes to walk from one to another.

We’d recommend that you follow the guide on where to stay and consider that taxis are sometimes hard to find on Saturday nights and that walking home after a late night is preferable if possible.

You may like to stay nearer to Quai Saint Bernard which would mean the 5th, 4th, 11th and 1st districts. If you find these areas expensive then you’ll be fine in the 3rd and even the 10th. You’ll have further to walk home though.

Paris is relatively safe these days but like anywhere late on a Saturday night, use common sense and blend in.

What Do I Do During The Afternoon?

There is a big gap between our civil marriage and the evening event. This is actually much better and far less tiring than those weddings where you get shipped around and stand up for hours in a church singing.

During this afternoon time you can eat, walk around Paris, see people you haven’t seen for a while and recharge the batteries by sleeping for a while.

We do recommend an afternoon recharge sleep for parents, kids and anyone else. The evening event will go on until at least 4am.

Do I Have To Come To The Civil & Sikh Wedding(s)? I May Not Make It.

The priority is the evening event. It’s up to you. There are some people who can’t make the civil wedding and others who cannot be on time for the evening dinner but everyone who can come should consider the evening event the most important.

Do I Wear The Same Clothes At The Civil Ceremony As At The Reception?

You can wear the same clothes of course, it’s all the same event. If you are a sweaty man however, you may like to bring yourself a back up shirt in case a combination of heat and champagne gets the better of you earlier in the day.

Most hotels and apartments have ironing facilities.

What Time Does It Finish At Night?

The River boat is booked until 4am.

Can I Get Really Drunk?

You should pace yourself and take your time. There is no hurry and you have all night. The last thing you should be doing is stumbling off or falling in the river at midnight when we’re just warming up. If we see this about to happen, you will be given orange juice until you start to appear lucid.

I Get Seasick. what Do I Do?

Nothing. This is a river. You’ll be fine.


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