You’ve seen the mention of Bollywood style on the invitation. This doesn’t mean you have to come in a full sari or turban with a sword, singing Bollywood songs while performing dance rituals. It just means that you can have a touch of Bollywood about you.

We’d like guests to add one element of bollywood to your attire.

Women, this can be in colours, a bindi, a tikka, a chunni (see-through scarf) long chandelier earings, eye make-up.

For men, it can be a colourful paisley or peacock tie, hankerchief, turban, men’s stoles, fun shoes. Whatever you like. As little or as large. It’s all up to you.

And before you hit the back button, see the below photos to have an idea.

As soon as you realise that you could actually look a bit sexy with a Bollywood touch, you might find yourself suddenly sprinting to the 2nd hand clothes store to pick up that jewellery and pashmina you saw last week.

Yes you could look cool!



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